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Future Art: Stay Creative, Stay Alive

Deadline 30th June 2020

Free submission

Theme: Stay Creative Stay Alive. We invite you to submit / or create works inspired by current world crises.

How do you envision a post-pandemic world? How have you been keeping inspired? How has your routine changed? Has some good come out of “this”? How have you been finding new ways to relate to people? How have you dealt with isolation? How have you been feeling? Share your creativity and ideas with us!

Fill the submission form and email to futureartUE(at)gmail.com

INTAC Virtual Gallery

An INTAC exhibition was planned for May 2020 in Toluca, Mexico. The current circumstances required new ways of thinking and sharing our work. As a result, INTAC 2019 has been transformed into a Virtual 3D Gallery for the moment.

Click here for the virtual gallery

Visual Catalysts Workshop 2020 in Mexico, Toluca

Visual Catalysts is a 5-day workshop where students from different universities around the globe co-create and work on art-projects related to climate change. The workshop is held by the teacher, artist and researcher Juha Suonpää together with his Fine-Art students from Tampere University of Applied Sciences. This time, Visual Catalysts took place in Toluca, Mexico.

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INTAC will continue again in the fall 2020!

Every year, new students from different parts of the world meet via online platforms for the first time and start sharing and creating together.

Stay tuned to see how students from six international universities will create collaborative art projects.

Click here to see INTAC projects from 2019

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