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Future Art: Stay Creative, Stay Alive


Open Call for Artists
Future Art: Stay Creative, Stay Alive

Open Call for submissions

Future Art is an art collective based in Berlin seeking submissions from artists around the world for an upcoming virtual exhibition.

The theme is Stay Creative Stay Alive. We invite you to submit / or create works inspired by current world crises.

We are looking for up to 5 submissions of visual or textual work per artist.

The exhibition will be curated by our team and will be hosted in July.

The deadline for submissions is June 30th and the submission is free.

How do you envision a post-pandemic world? How have you been keeping inspired? How has your routine changed? Has some good come out of “this”? How have you been finding new ways to relate to people? How have you dealt with isolation? How have you been feeling? Share your creativity and ideas with us!

Feel free to explore the theme as you relate to it personally, we want to showcase a wide variety of experiences and emotions.

Fill the submission form and email to futureartUE(at)

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