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Visual Catalysts ā€“ co-creation workshop

Visual representations are a powerful global language and through a process of international co-creation, artists can be future change makers, creating new visual catalysts that can speak across cultures. Artistic methods can make us see things from a new angle and our way as consumers needs to be seen from fresh perspectives in order to move towards sustainability. Creativity happens on the edges of different cultures. Each individual’s choices have an effect. Personality and locality matters. In the global sphere, respecting local perspectives is the nucleus of change for a sustainable future.

In this workshop we will utilize critical thinking to create works that can be positive enablers and accelerators. The forms and formats are open-ended yet will focus on the use of photographic images to communicate. We can learn from art history to face the future, learning from forerunner artists and artistic actions. The objectives of the outcomes include encouraging self-motivation of agency in citizens, prompting reflection on sustainability issues and supporting change and transition towards sustainable change and visions of a circular economy.

Workshop Objectives

The workshop will explore possibilities for making collaborative artworks which engage the challenges of consumer waste, environmental damage and the need for humanity to change course.

In the face of scientific data, disturbing news stories and confused online media, the everyday person has difficulty grasping and responding to the realities which confront us. We hope to address the question of how artists can make works which open doors to new thinking and viewpoints, by creating experimental works together.

Art can be used to start a conversation, to expose reality and suggest new possibilities. It can inspire and activate people. The key objective this week will be to create relatively quick works in a variety of media to develop our thinking and then to in, small groups, to collaboratively design an interactive art proposal or participatory art workshop which can eventually be shared with others.


The approach will be to set short tasks over the week which lead to a series of visual pieces. Each day will include a discussion and visual challenge which the group will respond to. The trajectory will evolve as the results are analyzed.

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